What are papillons for?

After my last story, my buddy Toby sent in a question.

What are Papillons for? Molly says that dogs were originally bred for a purpose. We (cavaliers) were bred to be comfort dogs – keeping humans warm and happy – we’re good at that. Other spaniels were bred to sniff out game. (We are still pretty good with our noses.) So what is your speciality?

Well, we papillons are also a type of toy spaniel, descended from the continental toy spaniel a whole long time ago. Some humans think that there might be a little bit of chihuahua thrown into our mix to make our ears stand up but I don’t know. What’s certain is that papillons were a favorite kind of dog of the big important humans in a place called Europe. If you go to this place on the interwebs you’ll see a gallery with gobs and buckets of paintings that have papillons in them! We’re very good models.

Anyway, we are for just the same thing as you: to keep human laps warm!

We can do other things too, like agility. You remember I told my story about agility before? Recently, No. 2 and I saw a papillon named Primo on the Purina Incredibobble Dog Challenge on the teevee. He finished second that time, but guess what! He won the small dog agility this year! According to this place on the interwebs, you’ll be able to see him on the teevee again soon! Way to go Primo!

You might also want to watch this moving picture on papillons from the Animal Planet. Check out the little guy herding sheep! It also shows the most famous papillon of all, MY HERO, Kirby. He won the Westminster Dog Club show once upon a time. After that, humans started to recognize what kind of a dog I was when we went out for walks.

Finally, I’d like to put in a plug for a really good book, Memoirs of a Papillon by Genevieve.


The subtitle is, “The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad.” I could write a book about that, but thanks to Genevieve, I don’t have to!


Posted: October 19th, 2011 under Fun things.

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