FRAP … The joy and excitement of leaping, scrabbling, jumping, and dashing about with wild abandonment. No. 1 read in a book that it stands for ‘Frenetic Random Activity Period.’

Klingons … The other not-humans that live here. They have fur, four legs, and a tail, but they behave in ways that are completely foreign to the understandable dog. The humans refer to them as ‘cats’ or sometimes ‘those rotten cats’ and No. 2 says they live in a ‘Klingon warrior society.’ Their moods are entirely too mercurial for my comfort.

No. 1 … My bestest human, Kay Mackenzie. She says to tell you that she’s a quilter, designer, and author. Her website is By Kay Mackenzie and her blog is All About Appliqué.

No. 2 … My also bestest human, Dana Mackenzie. He’s a freelance science journalist. His website is He also writes a chess blog and a moon blog.

The Pack … No. 1, No. 2, and me. The Klingons are optional.

Puppy Camp … A euphemism. This is the second-most dreaded of all car-ride destinations, where I am left sometimes for days. The humans there are very kind in their way but the point is that I am Not At Home and Not With My Pack.

Quilt Puppy … That’s me.

That Place … The most dreaded of all car-ride destinations, the one with the slippery metal table and the strangers who want to pry your mouth open to look at your teethies.