Flowers and gardens

Paws up and many thanks to all my interweb friends for your nice words about losing a member of the pack. Me and the humans appreciate it. Biscuits for you.

Today I’d like to talk about one human quirk that I’ve never quite understood: They like plants. Especially flowers.

Our front door.

Our front door.

Let me just say for the record that I’ve got nothing against flowers. But I can’t eat them, and their scent is not the kind of perfume that a dog appreciates, so for me they’re just a part of the background.

I’s a different story for the humans. They think flowers are cute. That means they have to take pictures of them. Sometimes they even want to have a dog in the picture.

Fine. I'll pose by your hisbiscusus.

Fine. I'll pose by your hibiscusus.

No. 2 wasn’t satisfied with just growing flowers by our front door. A few years ago, he got a little garden plot in a nearby park, and he started growing them there, too.

No. 2's garden

No. 2's garden

I like these flowers. Know why? Because we have to take a walk to get to them!

Going for a walk to the park with my two humans is one of my favorite things. We take our time on the way to the garden, stopping to sniff all the pee-mail along the way. When we get to the garden, No. 2 picks some flowers and vegetables. Then he uses a magic rain shower device to make it rain. I do not care for this part, because sometimes the rain gets too close to me. In fact, sometimes I even wonder if he makes it rain on me on purpose.

But then comes the best part: the walk home! To a dog, there’s no place like home. Somehow this part of the walk never lasts as long as the walk to the garden. Maybe it’s because I’m out in front with my special going-home gait. Hurry up, you guys! What’s taking so long?


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Comment from Jody Gregory
October 4, 2011 at 7:31 am

Beautiful flowers! My mom likes flowers too, alot! I guess there ok – at least I get to chew on sticks while she looks at the flowers. Wish we could friends who could play together Willie. You’re so darn cute next to that hibiscus. – Reeses

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