A dog of many talents

I’m so happy being in a family of writers, because it means my humans are home most of the time. Also, they need my help now and then. Here is No. 2, writing his first book. I’m the proofreader, of course.

That should be a semicolon.

That should be a semicolon.

I guess I did a pretty good job. His book finally came out and some booklist place said it was one of the best books of the year! You’re welcome.

I have other talents, too. Most of them have to do with technology. No. 1 used to have a gadget called a veecee-r, and she would sit on the sofa and turn it on. I was always glad to see this, because it meant I would get a lap.

The veecee-r did three different things. One sound meant I could go to sleep. That seemed to be the part No. 1 was interested in. There would be people talking inside the teevee box, yada-yada-yada, and it would go on for a long time. Perfect for a nap. Another, more whirring sound, meant the teevee box would start going real fast and the sound would stop, but nap time wasn’t over.

Then we would get to the third sound, a kind of a grindy sound, and that was my cue! I would jump up out of her lap, because I knew she would be getting up soon. I think it is really great that the veecee-r makers put an end-of-laptime signal on their machine.

Same thing with the computer. No. 2 had a computer called a peecee that played a little melody when he turned it off. Even if I was fast asleep, when I heard that melody I would wake up and jump off his lap.

End of laptime?

This one doesn't have the end-of-laptime melody.

But lately my skills seem to be obsolete. My humans “upgraded” from a veecee-r to a deevee-r, and it’s just not as good. It doesn’t come with an end-of-laptime signal. Same with the computer. No. 2 got rid of his peecee and got an apple (funny name for a machine), which just turns off and doesn’t sing about it. I guess it’s all just as well… seems like I don’t hear all those signals that I used to anyway. Now the humans have to wake me up when laptime is over. They don’t seem to mind.


Posted: August 25th, 2011 under Naps, The way we do things.


Comment from Jody Gregory
August 26, 2011 at 5:52 am

Hey Willie! Reeses here. Actually my mom is typing for me. I’m a papillon too. I’m only 1 1/2 yrs old. My mom loves to visit your blog every week to see what you’ve been up to. She really loves seeing your photos. Just wanted to say stop in and say “HI”.

Comment from No. 1
August 26, 2011 at 10:06 am

Paws up Reeses! Thanks to you and your mom for coming by!

Comment from Toby
August 30, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Hi Willie
Ccongrats to No 2 on the book.
Our laptop sings me a little song too – funny that! (I always jump on the sofa when the kettle is filled up ’cause I know that means someone will give me a cuddle while they have a cup of tea.)
By the way how is your itchy problem now? Molly had itchy back feet for a while. It was driving her mad. She kept nibbling and knawing at them. You’d never guess what it was ….. ear mites! Yeah she had got them from scratching her ears with her back feet. She stopped nibbling almost instantly after she had the treatment. Now she can sleep in peace. Hope you are O.K. now. Molly says that itching can drive you crazy!
Cheers from Toby

Comment from No. 1
August 31, 2011 at 8:34 am

Paws up Toby and Molly! Yes, thank you, my itchies are all better. It may have been some kind of mite as well. All I know is they squirted some stuff between my shoulder blades and it all got better. Now we can all sleep in peace!

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