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Did I ever tell you about the time my humans failed the doggie intelligence test?

It’s a good story. It happened a long time ago, back when I was still a youngster and we lived in the old place. You know, the place that looked like this:

old house

Except when it looked like this:


Or this:


Number 1 was always very proud of me and telling everybody that I was the smartest little puppy in the world. Her friend and fellow dog lover, who had three big clumsy white dogs (you can see one of them in this story), invited us over to take a doggie intelligence test.

So here are some of the things they have you do on a doggie intelligence test. They show you a treat and put it under a cup. Then you are supposed to get it out from under the cup. That was easy. I went over to the cup and did the “papillon wave,” where I reared up and waved my front paws vigorously in the air. The humans laughed, but it works every time. Out came the treat. “He asked for help!” they said. I passed!

Then there was the blankie test, where they put a blankie or towel over you and see if you can get out from underneath it. The white dogs, I’m sorry to say, failed this one miserably. You throw the blanket over them, and they say, “Who turned out the lights?” You should have seen them wandering around bumping into stuff. Their brains are almost as small as Klingons, and that’s really saying something.

I, on the other hand moved with such lightning-fast swiftness that they couldn’t even get the blankie on top of me! Woo hoo! I passed! Now can I get another treat?

Well, you get the idea. Ten tests passed with flying colors, ten treats. Oh, and did I tell you what the treats were?

Dog heaven

Dog heaven

This was a big-dog house, so I got big-dog treats. I had never eaten those before in my life! Yummmy! More! More!

Now we get to the part where my humans failed the test. Number 1 was thrilled out of her mind, of course, because it had just been proven that I was the smartest little dog in the world. But you see, there was just one problem. A small dog’s stomach only has so much room in it, and when you stuff ten pieces of yummy big-dog treats in there …

Well, let’s just say that they came back out again. It wasn’t my fault. Towels were fetched. Apologies were made. And the smartest little dog on the planet went back home with two mortified humans.

By the way, just for fun, here’s a link to another dog who took the intelligence test and didn’t do quite as well as I did … LOL! Enjoy!


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