She’s home!

Back in that other place where we used to live, it was No. 1 who stayed home and No. 2 who went away in the day. When we moved here, it switched around; No. 2 started staying home and No. 1 went away in the day.

Guess what? She quit doing that! Now she stays home and No. 2 stays home, we all stay home and I have a human and a spare ‘most all the time! I highly approve of that.

It’s a good thing, too. You know, I used to hear her car coming and I would bark her home. She must have gone and got herself a quieter car, because it’s been awhile since I heard her coming. Sometimes I don’t even knows she’s in the house until I see her. In fact, just about everything comes quieter these days.

This is where I hang out while No. 1 is working in her studio all day. She gave me this comfy brown fabric and I made a nest for myself here.

Just two feet behind No. 1's chair.

Just two feet behind No. 1's chair.


Posted: June 20th, 2011 under Fun things, The way we do things.


Comment from Michele
June 21, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Just so pleased that Willie is posting more often. Five dogs of my own, and that’s still not enough dogginess for me! I really do enjoy W. and the Klingons. Michele

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