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As if it isn’t bad enough living with Klingons, sometimes a dog has to deal with other kinds of animals. Here’s one that comes around a lot during the summer months. Don’t let his innocent look fool you!


It’s really a bit thick. These creatures like to appear out of nowhere. I’m just sitting in the living room, minding my own business, when suddenly one of these masked faces will appear at the window. Of all the nerve — just sauntering around my patio as if they own the place!

That is not right! The second I see them, everything else goes out of my mind. I launch myself at the back window and bark with all my might. I paw at the window, scritch-scritch-scritch a mile a minute. You must not be on my patio! It is our territory, not yours!




Eventually my mighty and courageous barking makes them go away. I huff and puff for awhile just to reinforce my victory. Once again I have done my duty in keeping the family safe from patio marauders.

Here is another species that comes visiting sometimes. They are much less frequent guests.

Tomato juice anyone?

One evening I was just hanging around out in front, and I spotted one of these guys nearby. I thought that he looked a little bit like a Klingon, except with an extra-bushy tail. He went under a car and I was trying to get a better look at him so I stuck my head under the car too.

All of a sudden, No. 1 caught me up and carried me swiftly back into the house. She carried me up the stairs to where No. 2 was. “Honey,” she said, “what does this dog smell like?”

No. 2 leaned over and smelled me. “Pheeeew,” he said.

You should have seen the fuss then. They marched me downstairs and stuck me in the sink. Number 1 took a bowl of those little round squishy fruits that grow on vines and squeezed the juice all over me!

Now if there is one thing I do not appreciate, it’s having red juice squished all over me. I was pink for a day! I forbade them to take my picture. However, I have to admit that it did cover up the cologne smell pretty well.


Note from No. 2: I think the car actually got skunked worse than Willie did!
Thanks to:
Janet Kessler for the raccoon photos.
Stephen Fischer for the skunk photo (downloaded from Flickr).
Photos copyrighted by their respective photographers and used with permission.

Posted: June 18th, 2011 under Strange occurrences.


Comment from Toby
June 20, 2011 at 8:39 am

Wow Willie!
We don’t get wild beasts like that over here in the U.K!
Woofs from Toby (Your No 1 Fan)

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