The amazing double-coated Klingon

One of our Klingons has more hair than the law should allow. No. 1 swears she has twice the usual amount for the species. No. 1 has to go around the house all the time and use sticky rollers to get the Klingon hair off.

Finally No. 1 she went to the store and came home with a Furminator.

She sat right down on the floor with that furry Klingon and gave her a good going-over. By the time they were done, a tribble had been removed, and the Klingon was so exhausted that she laid down and used it for a pillow.



I guess the Furminator helped, but there are still those other two Klingons. At least they have the normal amount of hair. And of course I, being a regal papillon, am a single-coated dog and hardly shed at all!


Posted: April 28th, 2011 under Strange occurrences.