Something unusual’s going on

Something suspicious is happening in our home.

I think it all started when the humans took me for a ride in the car with the Klingons. You have to realize that Klingons and cars don’t mix. The only place they ever go in a car is to the vet. But this time, we just drove around for an hour, and the humans said something about getting them used to long car rides. Why?

After we had been driving for half an hour with no apparent decrease in yowling inside the car, No. 2 made up a song called “99 Kitties Crying and a Dog.” He sang it to the melody of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” It went, “99 kitties crying and a dog. 99 kitties crying. Give one a pill, make her get ill, you’ll still have 99 kitties crying and a dog.” I didn’t like this song. How did this dog get mixed up with 99 Klingons? Why did they give one a pill? How did it end? What does it mean?

Then the humans’ friends started coming over. One night it was No. 1’s friends, the ones who use sharp implements like she does.


Another friend, who has lots of dogs, came over and had lunch. This human is goofy and knows how to have fun.



Then we went to some more friends’ house and had dinner.


That wasn’t all that much fun. At these humans’ house, there are at least eight white boxers. Maybe it’s only three or four, but when they come at you and smell you all over and bat at you with their great clumsy paws, it seems like boxers everywhere you turn. Here’s one of them.

They all look the same from down here, trust me.

They all look the same from down here, trust me.

Finally, something strange started to happen in our house. The humans’ stuff started getting put into boxes.


The only benefit I can see to this development is that for the first time I can get into the frigidator! All the way into it! It should always be this way!


Posted: November 3rd, 2009 under Quilting, Strange occurrences.


Comment from Mandy
November 7, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Willie Darling, where are you going? Any luck at finding out yet? Hang in there, the humans are sure to take you along. Oh and probably the klingons as well.

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