Tug of War with Klingons

One of my favorite toys is my rope. This can be dragged around, chewed, rolled on, and if somebody gets the other end, it turns into a most delightful game called Tug of War.

You can growl ferociously, grab onto your end with your teethies and pull, and try to get more of the rope than they do.

wanna-tug Anybody wanna tug? How ’bout play with red ribbon… no, focus! Tug? Anybody? Anybody?

Tug of War with my rope is the recommended way to play with Klingons, because they’re over there and I’m over here.



I wonder why they use their paws instead of their teethies. Anybody knows teethies are better.

iwon I always win. See?


Posted: August 16th, 2009 under Puppyhood.