I was sitting on No. 1’s lap on the sofa, and one of the Klingons was sitting on the back of the sofa above us with her tail hanging down. This one.

The hissy one

Do not be fooled by this angelic pose.

I had been giving the Klingons a wide berth, but this seemed like a nice mellow moment, and I made so bold as to smell her tail. Apparently she did not appreciate having her tail smelled, because she reached down her paw and gave me a swat!

That was all I wanted of that, and I must say it was really very thick. No. 1 started boo-hooing a little bit, held me close, and told me she was sorry. Later on she told No. 2 that that’s when she knew she loved me.


Posted: August 13th, 2009 under Puppyhood.

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