Something to Be Thankful For

Boy, the grub sure has improved around here!

For the longest time, all the humans ever gave me was crunchy dog kibble. Well, that plus a few scraps of human food at dinner time.

But then my teethies started getting old and sensitive, and I didn’t like to crunch it up. Then they didn’t give me hard kibble any more, and I started getting moist food from a can. Then, as I got pickier, they started giving me even moister, tastier food from a plastic tray.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, all that strange stuff happened that I wrote about in my last story. After I got back from That Place for the third time, suddenly they started feeding me all kinds of good stuff. All human food, all the time!

Think about it! It’s like after 16 years, I finally graduated to the grownups!

Here’s what I get sometimes:



Some of you might remember I had a bad experience with this when I was a puppy, but when given in small-dog amounts it’s goooood.

Here’s what I get other times:



Can you believe it? They save the very best part of the chickum just for me.

There’s just one thing that is a little bit strange. When No. 2 gives me the chickum liver, first he takes a little white crunchy thing and then he kind of mooshes the liver around it. Most of the time I don’t even notice the little white crunchy thing, because I gulp that ball of mooshed-up liver down so fast. But sometimes I detect it and I spit it out. That makes No. 2 all upset. “Willie! You have to eat it!” he says.

Eventually when he’s satisfied that I’ve swallowed the little white crunchy thing, then I get a few bites of pure unadulterated liver, and that is much much better. Never mess with a classic, I always say.

So tell me, what are you thankful for today?

Turkey coma.

Turkey coma.


Posted: November 24th, 2011 under Foods, Strange occurrences, The way we do things.


Comment from Tina Conner
November 24, 2011 at 9:50 pm

So glad your still with us to share such wonderful stories. Glad your feeling better and enjoying your human food. Take it while you can get it. Wishing you and Number 1 and 2 the Happiest of Thanksgiving.

Comment from Toby
November 25, 2011 at 8:05 am

Hope you are feeling OK now. Molly says she has been finding strange white bits in her food since she had a funny tummy. She says when she was a puppy growing her new teeth it was so painful she refused to eat until finally she was given klingon food.
You take extra care my friend.

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