And then there were none

The last of my Klingon packmates has gone to join her sisters.

Unlike the two calicoes, our Pale Tiger didn’t let anybody know she was feeling poorly. One day she just upped her sleeping schedule from 22 hours a day to 23½ hours a day. And can you believe, it? She quit eating.

No. 1 was out of town, and so No. 2 had to take her to That Place. Then he talked with No. 1 on the long-distance voice box, and said something like “large abdominabobble mass,” whatever that means. I think it translates to “better say goodbye.”

So the Pale Tiger stayed around, sleeping 23½ hours a day, until No. 1 came back home, and for a couple days after that, but then No. 1 and No. 2 took her away and came back without her. Then they emptied the sandbox that Klingons do their business in and they put it away, and that’s when I knew that I didn’t live with Klingons any more.

Klingon semaphore

Klingon semaphore

No. 2 always said she had “silly ears.” He would turn her ears inside out and they would stay that way — she never seemed to notice!

pixel8 small

This is how she got the nickname, “The Pale Tiger,” back in the days when she was much younger and No. 2 didn’t know how to focus a camera.

Here she is standing by the door to the linen closet, waiting for a human to let her in. She liked to take long undisturbed naps on top of the blankies. Sometimes she would stay in there all night and come out to greet the humans in the morning.

She was all right as far as Klingons go.

In Memoriam Pixel Mackenzie, 1990-2010

In Memoriam Pixel Mackenzie, 1990-2010


Posted: October 26th, 2011 under Strange occurrences.


Comment from Tina Conner
October 26, 2011 at 5:05 pm

So sorry to read about your loss. I do feel your emptiness and sorrow. I too have gone through the loss of my three pets of the last 2 years. I hope Willie doesn’t get too lonely without his klingons around. Prayers for all of you.

Comment from Reeses
October 27, 2011 at 9:38 am

Willie~I’m so sorry you and your family have had such a hard time these last few months! Just take comfort in knowing that your 3 friends are running and napping up in heaven. ~Reeses

Comment from No. 1
October 27, 2011 at 11:59 am

Hi Tina and Reeses,

(No. 2 speaking here.) I appreciate all of your good wishes very much. One thing that I hope you have figured out is that blog time is not the same as real time. So No. 1 and I actually had several months to get over Maikai’s and Chutney’s deaths before Pixel passed away. Reliving those events has brought back a lot of the old emotions, but it’s easier to deal with now because we know that life did go on without our favorite Klingons. And their departure made other things possible that you’re going to read about very soon! (How’s that for a little foreshadowing?)

Comment from Toby
October 30, 2011 at 2:17 pm

We have been a bit distracted ’cause Molly has been a bit poorly and had to go to That Place (Tummy upset). So we are a bit behind with your news. Sorry that it is so sad.
I was surprised and delighted to learn that you are a kind of spaniel cousin and not at all surprised that you are a comfort dog too. I am sure you are doing a good job looking after Nos 1 & 2 at present. Pixel looks a real sweetie in her pictures. Love the inside out ear!
Woofs Toby

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