My new pack

The first day in my new home was a little confusing. It was all new and I didn’t quite know what to make of things. The new humans stayed with me in the kitchen, and as long as they were there, everything was all right.

Safe in a lap.

Safe in a lap.

Even when I met my first Klingon.

The hissy one.

Here's what they look like, in case you ever run into one.

I had no prior experience of these creatures. They are about the size of puppies but they don’t smell like puppies, and the way they act… most startling. The first time one of them saw me on the other side of the gate, it got its back up and emitted a spooky, un-doglike hissing sound. I wasn’t at all sure I wanted any of that.

But nothing else happened. They stayed on the their side of the gate and I stayed on mine. The only really bad times that day were when the humans left me alone in the kitchen, behind the gate. No good! No good at all! I let them know that I did not like it! I used every bit of my vocal range, from barks and yelps to yips and whimpers and whines and yodels, etc. Finally, just when my voice got a little tired and I quieted down, they came back!

The next time they left me alone, I was determined that I was going to get through that gate. I jumped up onto a chair as part of my plan to use my butterfly ears to fly over the gate, but instead I took a header onto the kitchen floor. I was so surprised and upset that I started puppy-crying.

The humans returned immediately, and one of them sat down on the floor and drew me into her lap, petting and soothing me. When she tried to get up I clung to her lap, so she sat back down and gathered me in again. That’s when she became No. 1.

That night I slept in my crate in the bedroom with the humans. I was used to this plan, because that’s what my breeder mom taught me.

I like my crate.

I like my crate.

I went to sleep with the notion that my new pack was the two humans and the three Klingons. A dog likes to know his pack.


Posted: August 9th, 2009 under Puppyhood.